creative collaborations
in media arts

30 jun - 07 jul 2019
abrantes, Portugal

Welcome to 180 Creative Camp! A full-week bootcamp happening in sunny Abrantes, Portugal.

We invite an international creative community to discover the city, be part of the activities and meet their international counterparts.

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The invitation is extended to practitioners of all disciplines including design, architecture, art, music, video, photography, illustration and installation.

Since 2012, Canal180 has hosted participants from all over the world and a selected group of artists who developed site-specific projects with the local community, students, and partners.

180 Creative Camp is an exclusive event for 100 participants that creates the time and space to meet new people, develop ideas and implement special projects.


A repository of collected media from 2012 to 2018


Workshops, talks, accommodation, meals and the welcome kit are included in the full ticket price. Click below and subscribe now.

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