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180 Creative Camp
A week of creative collaborations in Media Arts
Abrantes, Portugal, 01—08 July 2018

Hosted by Canal180

180 Creative Camp is a full-week bootcamp happening in sunny Abrantes, Portugal.

We invite an international creative community to discover the city, be part of the activities and meet their international counterparts.

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Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk

is a Dutch illustrator, painter and drawing teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. You can easily recognize his work through his use of color, bold lines, playfulness and sense of humor. Working nonstop since 2006, he’s actually started much earlier, drawing pictures for classmates and painting graffiti. Although he works with prestigious clients and projects that take him around the world, he says he is the happiest when he’s walking his dog at the beach. During the Creative Camp you’ll be able to work side by side with him and ask how he can prioritize self-care while being one of the most in-demand artists working today.


The Royal Studio

is a group of Porto-based graphic designers. Their website is a combination of fluorescent colors, textures, media and effects so hectic that you can’t help but surrender yourself to it. But there is a method behind this madness. Their vibrant, contemporary design with color-saturated, maximalist style has attracted a wide range of commissions. Today, the Royal Studio fluctuates in size between the founder, João Castro, taking on solo projects to working with 20+ collaborators at a time. At the Creative Camp workshop, you’ll be able to work with The Royal Studio for the city of Abrantes, bringing more color and crazy design ideas for the locals.


Negative Feedback

is a video channel and a print magazine aiming to inform and celebrate everything about film photography in the digital age. Created by George Muncey, a 22-year-old portrait and contemporary landscape photographer. He has started taking photos when he was only eleven, by the time he was fifteen he was working in a photography studio. His hugely successful YouTube channel inspired a Facebook group that was made for viewers to post their images and get feedback, which later grew into a “Negative Feedback” zineissued now quarterly. George is the person who can answer all your questions about analog photography and large format cameras.


Elise by Olsen

is a publisher based in Oslo, Norway. Started blogging aged eight, five years later, she was internationally recognized as “the world’s youngest editor-in-chief," of youth culture magazine “Recens” Paper. As she turned 18 Elise resigned from her position as editor of “Recens” to make space for a new generation of creative youth, and to contribute to a looping creative scene. Today she works as a brand consultant, exhibition curator, fashion critic and university lecturer. Elise currently also holds the position as editor-in-chief of “Wallet”. If you ever wondered how to publish a magazine in between doing homework, you have a chance to ask Elise yourself.


Luis Severo

is a young Portuguese singer and composer. His unique identity and lyrics about everyday life stories do not leave anyone indifferent. A single "Escola", from his latest album, remained for a few weeks on top of the Antena 3 list. Outside of his own projects, Luís Severo has also been a music producer of artists such as Filipe Sambado and Éme and composer of songs for artists such as Cristina Branco. After a day full of creative work, diving deep into Luis’ music will be a perfect highlight of one of the festival days.

2018: Context

180 Creative Camp is an opportunity to extend Canal180's network of creatives and partners. We pose questions for better understanding our context and to be explored in the different projects and activities through the perspective of younger generations. We want to promote the discussions and understand the challenges, opportunities, conflicts and ambiguities.

Check the agenda

1. Why going small when everybody is going big?
2. Why act physical in digital times?
3. How old stories inspire new generations?
4. How can an offline event connect an online community?
5. Why going to remote places to be in the center of the topics?


A series of workshops, conferences and project development.


Urban interventions and content production about the territory.


An agenda of concerts, exhibitions and public activities.


Andrea, Italy

“I decided to come here because I found 180 Creative Camp on the internet - never heard about it, but it looked so fun that I decided to join. Lots of fun, inspiration and good people here!”

Lea, Germany

“Sometimes we get too stuck in our own work and kind of start thinking that it’s not actually meaningful to anyone. 180 Creative Camp proved it wrong.”

Sundas, Pakistan

“It’s exciting to see how so many people come together for a week, they brainstorm and then create something. So far it has been fun, I met lots of interesting people!”

Grace, Canada

“Making a connection with people, seeing how they work, helping each other… it’s just great to be a part of that.”

Sean, USA

“I’m here at 180 Creative Camp teaching people my philosophy about documentaries and I’ve been blown away by this camp so far. I made such good new friends and had such a good time. Great intro to Portugal for me!”

Lucy, Poland

“I decided to join 180 Creative Camp to somehow refresh this creative factory inside my head. I find It extremely exciting to cooperate with people from other disciplines. Sometimes they don’t see themselves as artists, but they approach art in many different ways”

Lourenço, Portugal

“I first came to 180 Creative Camp in 2013, because I was envy of some friends who had come the year before and spent the entire summer talking about it. Since then, I just got addicted - it tastes better than chocolate with caramel.”

Antonia, Spain

“Great things happen when people get together, no matter where, even if it is a small city. Every place is good enough to expose your ideas and to exchange knowledge with people.”


Early Bird Tickets are available here.
Ticket prices will change on 23rd April.

If you live or study in Abrantes, there are special terms for you to participate. Get in touch with us!

Contacts, FAQ and Press

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