180creativecamp 2016
abrantes, portugal
3-10 july

8 days of Creative Collaborations in Media Arts

180 Creative Camp aims to provide a time and place for young creators, invited artists and thinkers to learn together, exchange experiences and give birth to amazing creations. It will be an 8 day Media Arts Academy in cozy Abrantes, Portugal. You’ll have the time and the freedom to explore the city and give it another life! Since 2012 people from all over the world, from Los Angeles to Copenhagen, Santiago do Chile to Berlin, have come to 180 Creative Camp showing their best.

Who we're looking for

180 Creative Camp is looking for young bubbling creative minds to come to Abrantes, embrace the city, take part of the workshops, masterclasses, open air activities, portfolio reviews and to gather with their international peers. If you are involved in disciplines such as graphic design, architecture, art, music, video, photography, illustration or installation then you should be part of this event!

What you'll do

Everyday there will be workshops, talks, outdoor activities and plenty of time to connect with your peers. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the city, to know its people and to bring a bit of your own culture to them. The week ends with a Closing Session and Party where participants and artists are invited to share what they’ve created during the week.


Boa Mistura

Public space graphical interventioners, shaking and brightening up the streets and its people.

Sean Dunne

Video documenter of the bizarre and the unusual.

Frank Kalero

Multidisciplinary curator and cultural manager, constructing and working towards better visual narratives.

Javier Peña Ibáñez

Thinker and creator of architecture and design, invites citizens to discover and rethink public environment.

José Cardoso

Illustrator and designer in the form of with bright colours, concrete lines and funny characters

Alec Dudson

Founder of Intern Magazine, a publication debating the internships goods and bads in creative world.

Isaac Niemand

Author of a wide work that includes documentary, animation, commercials and music videos.

Simon Landrein

Naive and naughty narratives give shape to editorial works, commercials and pop-artsy illustrations

more to be announced


sean dunne

For Sean Dunne, documentary is about capturing a sacred moment that lifts the veil of separation between audience and subject. In this workshop, Dunne will take you through his previous films to share his own process of shedding rules and formulas to capture honest and compelling stories. You will be challenged to look around Abrantes and film your own moment of truth while staying true to your own creative voice.

→ This workshop runs in a rotation model during 4, 5, 7 & 8 July.
→ Each group (15 pax.) will spend 1 day (10h-17h) with Sean D.

frank kalero

Frank Kalero invites you to create better visual narratives. You'll learn how to produce and distribute different multimedia guerrilla formats. This way you'll make better and more emotional transmedia projects by learning the right tools, the production resources and how the industry works. Kalero pushes you to think about new approaches through the analysis of interactive experimental projects on art, installation, video, VR, image, sound editing and digital publication.

→ This workshop runs in a rotation model during 4, 5, 7 & 8 July.
→ Each group (15 pax.) will spend 1 day (10h-17h) with Frank Kalero.

Alec Dudson / Intern

A magazine can be an exciting and empowering means of expression. With Alec Dudson you'll work on a concept for a publication about Abrantes and 180 Creative Camp so you better make us proud! During the session, you’ll consider everything from the idea, to the audience, design and strategy, collaborating with the other campers and pitching your ideas to one another.

→ This project will begin with a working session (6 July) and take shape during the remainder of the week.
→ It will be realised by all of the attendees along with Alec Dudson.

Javier peña ibañez

Would you dare to transform Abrantes public spaces during the week? Javier challenges you to discover the city, identify areas of interest and discuss concepts and ideas of how to improve them, constructing with various materials. The week ends with a moving performance, the time to show off a new Abrantes!

→ This workshop runs in a rotation model during 4, 5, 7 & 8 July.
→ Each group (15 pax.) will spend one day from 10H to 17H with Javier P. Ibañez.

more to be announced


morning workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group A)
Sean Dunne (group B)
Javier P. Ibañez (group C)
TBA (group D)
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group D)
Sean Dunne (group A)
Javier P. Ibañez (group B)
TBA (group C)
working session
with alec dudson
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group C)
Sean Dunne (group D)
Javier P. Ibañez (group A)
TBA (group B)
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group B)
Sean Dunne (group C)
Javier P. Ibañez (group D)
TBA (group A)
open air
CHECK IN workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group A)
Sean Dunne (group B)
Javier P. Ibañez (group C)
TBA (group D)
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group D)
Sean Dunne (group A)
Javier P. Ibañez (group B)
TBA (group C)
open air activities
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group C)
Sean Dunne (group D)
Javier P. Ibañez (group A)
TBA (group B)
workshops w/:

Frank Kalero (group B)
Sean Dunne (group C)
Javier P. Ibañez (group D)
TBA (group A)
open air
night Meet the
& Workshop
stories about documentaries
w/ isaac niemand and sean dunne
Portfolio Review stories about illustration
w/ josé cardoso and Simon Landrein
Stories about Niche Publications
with Alec Dudson and Frank Kalero
Stories about
and Urban
Space with Boa Mistura and Javier P. Ibañez

apply now

It's Peanuts!

You buy a 300€ ticket (only 35 available) and it includes the participation in the camp, as well as food and accommodation in a youth hostel. You’ll only have to worry about how to get to Portugal, more specifically Abrantes - come on, that’s piece of cake!

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True Camper

You get a 235€ ticket and you have access to the camp, food and you get to stay in this peculiar camping. You just need to bring a tent and some marshmallows.

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Your ticket costs 200€ and it includes the participation in all the activities, plus lunches and dinners. You can get creative and choose wherever you want to sleep, it’s not our business and we won’t tell your parents.

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Yeah we know, you don’t want to sleep with strangers and you are faithful to your goji berries, so you get a 100€ ticket that only includes the activities in the 180 Creative Camp (welcome dinner is also included on the pack).

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What is Canal180?

Canal180 is a Portuguese TV channel that produces and exhibits surprising and original contents, gathering areas like music, movies or urban art through an international network of collaborations. You can find Canal180 in every platform: cable TV (NOS, Vodafone TV and MEO), internet and mobile. This channel tries to transform the media platforms in a free and open way, promoting a greater participation and innovation.

What is 180 Creative Camp?

180 Creative Camp is an extension of the Canal180's brand and it's internationally considered as one of the most important events in the creativity and comunication field. It's an entire week dedicated to creativity with a group of interesting people from every artistic field. During the week, art is explored through talks and discussions with some of the national and international icons of cinema, music, architecture, urban art, design, etc.

How can I apply?

Check the “Apply now” area available on 180 Creative Camp website within the time limit and wait for the answer to know if you are on board!

How is the selection process of 180 Creative Camp?

The selection process aims to gather an interesting group of young creators with original profiles, different backgrounds and a variety of interests in the artistic field that defines 180 Creative Camp. There is no such thing as the "perfect participant". Take a chance and apply now!

What is the age limit to participate in 180 Creative Camp?

The required minimum age is 16 and, although 180 Creative Camp includes all ages, it is more focused on people between 20-30 years old. We try to select students, amateurs and freelancers that want to work with experienced creators.

Do I need to have some kind of course or professional experience to participate in 180 Creative Camp?

It's preferable to have some experience or course in the artistic field, but it's not a critical factor.

What is included in my application?

You have access to all the activities of 180 Creative Camp and, depending on the application selected by you, you can also have meals and accommodation included (more info on the website).

The total price covers the transportation?

No. The transportation expenses are payed by the participants.

I already have accommodation. Can I pay less?

Yes. Check the type of application on the website that suits you better.

What is the main language?

180 Creative Camp is a multilingual event. It depends, essentially, on the language of the invited artists that can be English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc. The most important language is the artistic one!

How can I move around 180 Creative Camp?

The spaces of 180 Creative Camp are all very close to each other (few minutes walking). You are free to bring your bike, skate or any mean of transportation.

Do I have to bring my own material to 180 Creative Camp?

180 Creative Camp provides the material that you need for the week, but, you are free to bring your own material (laptop, cameras, microphones, etc). However, you have to be careful with it. 180 Creative Camp assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage or robbery.

Is 180 Creative Camp connected to internet?

Yes. All the spaces have WI-FI.

Are pets allowed?

The 180 Creative Camp team welcome your pet! But you should bear in mind that you are the only person in charge of your pet and check if your accommodation is cat/dog-friendly.

Can you tell me something about Abrantes? How to combine this with a holiday (must see, local tips, etc)?

Abrantes is a very beautiful and cozy town, located in the centre of Portugal, where you have a lot to see and visit (the river, the mountains, monuments, etc). If you want to enjoy some more days in Portugal, you can go to Lisbon (only 1h away) where you can find museums, night life, great architecture and beaches. Portugal is an excellent country to spend your vacations for its diversity, gastronomy, friendly people and culture at low cost.

How do I get to Abrantes?

You can go by train , by bus (http://www.rede-expressos.pt/) or car. The distances are quite short. From Porto is about 3 hours away and from Lisbon just 1h! Also, if you need some transfer from the train station (Entroncamento) to Abrantes, depending on the participant’s situation, we can help with that.

In case of an emergency or if I can't attend the 180 Creative Camp, is the ticket refundable?

You have until the 17th of June to let us know that you can't participate on 180 Creative Camp and we will give you back 90% of the total value. After the 17th of July, this value is refundable ONLY in extreme situations (accident, disease, etc).


We recommend you to book your flights to arrive on Sunday, July 3th (morning / afternoon) and leave on Sunday July 10th (during the day). If you have any questions or suggestions please drop us a line at info@180.camp

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